Following our hearts while we still have some legs…

On the Colorado River in Cataract Canyon (2019) – Wayne Beckman photo

We’re Bruce (“Old Boots”) and Linda (“The LovedOne”) and we live in Southwest Oregon. For many years, we had interesting (to us at least) careers in environmental toxicology and health care.  The work was useful but stressful. A few years ago we were fortunate to be able to put work behind us and start spending our (remaining) time our way. Thus far, much of it has been spent outside (hiking, backpacking, rafting, snowshoeing, etc.) or traveling or on fiber art projects or volunteering at the library. The future is always uncertain but we hope to be carrying on like this for as far into it as providence will allow. 🙂

This website is a work-in-progress repository of words and images about our various outdoor and travel adventures. We’ve had (and hope to keep on having) many amazing experiences both on the road and out back of beyond.  But, sadly, despite repeated readings of Hemingway and Brontë, we’re still short on literary skills. Plus we only post non-fiction; about stuff we’ve actually done ourselves. So our little stories lean more toward the informative than the emotive. Nonetheless, we hope you’ll find them interesting enough to encourage you to go out, wander around, and experience the wondrous convolutions of Nature for yourself. Just remember to pursue your own adventure(s) guided solely by your own knowledge, judgment, and common sense, given the conditions facing you at the time. 😉

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