Oregon: National Parks & Monuments

Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument

Porcupine Mountain 21-Oct-2018
Let There Be Smoke! (Hobart Bluff) 11-Aug-2018
Surveyor Mountain 22-May-2018
Jenny Creek Falls (Northern California) 24-Apr-2018
Hobart Bluff 14-Jan-2018
Green Springs Mountain 06-Jan-2018
Porcupine Mountain 11-Dec-2017
Henry Mountain 11-Nov-2017
Cowed Again by Point 5648 01-Oct-2017
Vulture Rock Loop 28-Sep-2017
Parsnip Lakes 09-May-2017
Hobart Bluff 01-Mar-2017
Vulture Rock 10-Nov-2016
Old Baldy on the Dead Indian Plateau 03-Nov-2016
Grizzly Peak: A Rogue Valley Classic 19-Oct-2016
Grizzly Peak 19-Jun-2015
Winter on Grizzly Peak 18-Jan-2014

Crater Lake National Park

Timber Crater 06-Jul-2018
Discovery Point Snowshoe (Crater Lake NP) 08-May-2017
From Sphagnum Bog to Bald Crater 05-Jun-2015
Union Peak 25-May-2015
Crater Peak 08-Sep-2012
Union Peak 06-Sep-2012