Oregon: Southern



Five Southern Oregon Hikes: Not the Usual Suspects (May 2018)
Southern Oregon Wildflowers (April 2016)

[A] Trails near Applegate Lake

Stein Butte 28-Dec-2018
Squaw Peak Lookout 21-Dec-2018
Collings Mountain Loop 25-Oct-2018
Latgawa Penisula 05-Jun-2018
You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grippe… 28-Jan-2018
Stein Butte 31-Dec-2017
Hiking the Mule Mountain Loop 19-Nov-2017
Applegate Lake 29-Apr-2017
Charlie Buck to Squaw Peak 28-Apr-2017
Viewpoint Trails 25-Feb-2017
Hiking Squaw Peak in Winter 27-Jan-2017
Trails of the Latgawa Peninsula 26-Jan-2017
Da-Ku-Be-Te-De Trail 16-Jan-2017
Applegate Lake 12-Jan-2017
Stein Butte 31-Dec-2016
Collings Mountain Loop 17-Dec-2016
Witcome-Payette Loop 03-Dec-2016
Payette Trail 29-Nov-2016
Stein Butte Loop 02-Apr-2016
Mule Mountain to Little Grayback Loop 31-Mar-2016
Mule Mountain to Charlie Buck Loop 29-Mar-2016
Squaw Peak in Snow 26-Dec-2015
Snow on Mule Mountain 16-Dec-2015
Stein Butte~New London Loop 24-Oct-2015
Squaw Peak 21-Feb-2015
Little Grayback Mountain 08-Jan-2015
Collings Mountain Loop 03-Jan-2015
Stein Butte 31-Dec-2014
Mule Mountain Loop 23-Dec-2014

[B] Trails near Mount Ashland

Snow, But No Shoes (Grouse Gap Shelter) 12-Dec-2018
The Mines of Big Red 20-Oct-2018
Smoked Wheezers (Mt. Ashland) 05-Aug-2018
Big Red Mountain 13-Jul-2018
Siskiyou Peak 03-Jul-2018
Snowshoes on Mount Ashland! 27-Feb-2018
Split Rock Trail 28-Oct-2017
On Top of Old Smokey (Mount Ashland) 30-Aug-2017
Big Heat on Big Red 01-Aug-2017
Siskiyou Peak 27-Jun-2017
McDonald Peak Snowshoe 30-Jan-2017
A Day in the Snow 16-Dec-2016
Dutchman Peak Loop 25-Aug-2016
Mount Ashland Meadows 16-Aug-2016
The Siskiyou Loop Road (August 2016)
Observation Peak 18-Jun-2016
Mount Ashland Snowshoe 30-Mar-2016
Grouse Gap Snowshoe 27-Jan-2016

[C] Trails near Applegate or Williams (Applegate Valley)

Miller Lake 08-Nov-2018
Up the Fork Without a Pipe 10-Mar-2018
Historic Layton Mine Ditch II 31-Jan-2018
Ferris Gulch Loop 15-Oct-2017
Elk Creek to Grayback Mountain 29-Jun-2017
Historic Layton Mine Ditch I 08-Mar-2017
Enchanted Forest Trail 26-Dec-2016
Grayback Mountain 18-Aug-2016
Trail of the Lost Chair 09-Apr-2015
Grayback Mountain Trail 29-Mar-2015
Mount Elijah (Oregon Caves National Monument) 16-Feb-2015
Grayback Mountain 31-May-2014

[D] Trails near Ruch (Applegate Valley)

Heart Trail & Wellington Butte 13-Dec-2018
Sundown Trail 06-Dec-2018
Mount Isabelle 25-Nov-2018
To An End of the Jack-Ash! 04-Sep-2018
Tallowbox Mountain 29-Dec-2017
Hiking the new ART East 14-Nov-2017
Jack-Ash Trail Loop 08-Oct-2017
Sterling Mine Ditch to Grub Gulch 16-Jun-2017
Anderson Butte 21-Dec-2016
Sterling Mine Ditch Loop 12-Apr-2015
Sterling Mine Ditch Trail (Tunnel Ridge) 05-Oct-2013

[E] Trails near Talent or Ashland

High on Wagner Butte 14-May-2018
Lost Creek Falls (Jackson County, Oregon) 14-Apr-2018
Wagner Butte 16-Jul-2017
Panther Peak 01-Dec-2016
Wagner Butte: Another Rogue Valley Classic 20-Oct-2016
“Ostrich Peak” 20-Feb-2016
Mike Uhtoff Trail 21-Jan-2016
Wagner Butte in Winter 04-Nov-2015
Wagner Butte 16-Jun-2015
Wagner Butte in Winter 13-Jan-2015

[F] Trails near Selma or Cave Junction [Illinois Valley]

Kerby Peak ~ The Old Way 19-May-2018
A Winter’s Trail on Kerby Peak 12-Mar-2018
Sorry Hike, Nice Flowers (Selma, Oregon) 11-Mar-2018
A Hop to Rabbit Lake 18-Jun-2017
Kerby Peak 02-Mar-2017
Illinois River Trail 16/17-Apr-2016
Kerby Peak 10-Apr-2016
Kerby Peak in Winter 10-Feb-2015

[G] Trails near Jacksonville

Jacksonville Forest Trails 03-Nov-2018
Jacksonville Forest Park V 02-Sep-2018
Jacksonville Forest Park IV 02-Apr-2018
Jacksonville Forest Park III 08-Mar-2018
Jacksonville Forest Park II 23-Feb-2018
Jacksonville Forest Park I 16-Feb-2018
Jacksonville Woodlands 05-Jul-2017

[H] Trails near Medford

Buck Rock (Trail, Oregon) 03-Jan-2018
Morning in Prescott Park 31-Oct-2017
Around Roxy Ann on the New Trail 24-Feb-2017
Prescott Park’s New Trail 13-Nov-2016
A Roxy Ann Christmas 25-Dec-2016
Roxy Ann Peak in Winter 15-Jan-2016
Roxy Ann Peak (Medford, Oregon) 18-Dec-2014

[I] Upper & Lower Table Rocks

A Pond on Upper Table Rock 11-Jan-2019
The Pillboxes of Camp White (Oregon) 03-Jan-2019
Ken Denman Wildlife Area 24-Nov-2018
Amber Waves on Upper Table 19-Sep-2018
One Day on Upper Table Rock 03-Mar-2018
Upper Lower Table Rock 21-Dec-2017
Inside Upper Table Rock! 14-Dec-2017
Hiking in the Time of Caching (November 2017)
Fall’s Gold on Upper Table Rock 14-Oct-2017
Desecration on Lower Table Rock 14-Jun-2017
The Sun Having Risen on Upper Table 02-Apr-2017
Grass Widows 10-Mar-2017
The Great Storm & Lower Table Rock 05-Jan-2017
Lower Table Rock 10-Dec-2016
Upper Table Rock 27-Nov-2016
Lower Table Rock 21-Mar-2015

[J] Trails near Grants Pass

Mountain of the Rogue 06-Oct-2018
Silver Peak-Hobson Horn Trail 27-May-2018
London Peak (Wolf Creek, Oregon) 18-May-2018
Cathedral Hills Park 05-Feb-2017
Bolt Mountain 07-Dec-2016
Taylor Creek Trail 07-Nov-2016
Briggs Creek 04-Mar-2015

[K] Trails near Lake of the Woods

West Brown Mountain Loop 12-May-2018
South Brown Mountain Shelter 29-Dec-2016
Around Brown Mountain 18-Sep-2016
Robinson Butte Snowshoe 29-Feb-2016
Brown Mountain Snowshoe 08-Feb-2016

[L] Trails near Lost Creek Lake

South Shore Trail 17-Jul-2018
Blue Grotto 02-Feb-2018
Dam You Elk Creek! (Oregon) 09-Apr-2017
Viewpoint Mike Loop 24-Jan-2017
North Shore Trail 13-May-2016
Blue Grotto 04-Feb-2016