RECENT POSTS (By Location)

Below are links to posts on our blog – organized by location, with Oregon first, then California, then other U.S. states in alphabetical order, then other adventures.


2017 ~ Adventures with The LovedOne (January 2018)
Visiting Oregon’s Wilderness Areas (July 2017)
Why are you carrying all that stuff? (October 2017)
Climbing the 16 Major NW Peaks (1996-2006)


South Slough Estuary (Oregon Coast) 31-Jul-2018
John Dellenback Dunes Trail (Oregon Coast) 30-Jul-2018
Tahkenitch Dunes Trail (Oregon Coast) 29-Jul-2018
Blacklock Point Loop (Oregon Coast) 07-Dec-2017
Cape Sebastian (Oregon Coast) 06-Dec-2017
Cape Ferrelo (Oregon Coast) 05-Dec-2017
Humbug Mountain State Park (Oregon) 11-Oct-2016
Oregon Coast Redwoods 10-Oct-2016
Oregon Coastal Wilderness Areas 8/9-Jan-2016


Oregon Wilderness Areas (North) 15-Nov-2016


Cowhorn Mountain (Deschutes NF) 05-Oct-2017
That Long Last Mile… (Middle Santiam Wilderness) 19-Jul-2017
Rooster Rock (Menagerie Wilderness) 18-Jul-2017
Yamsay Mountain (Fremont-Winema NF) 30-Aug-2016
Oregon Wilderness Areas (Central) 12/13-Jul-2016
Boulder Creek Wilderness (Oregon) 22-Feb-2016
Cowhorn Mountain (Deschutes NF) 03-Oct-2015
Cross-Country in the Three Sisters Wilderness 16/18-Jul-2015


Rafting the Snake River through Hells Canyon 6/10-Sep-2016
Oregon Wilderness Areas (Northeast) 03/04-Sep-2016
Oregon Wilderness Areas (East) 22/26-May-2016
Warner Peak (Hart Mountain NAR) 17-May-2016
Alvord Peak (Eastern Oregon) 14-May-2015
Little Blitzen River Canyon (Eastern Oregon) 13-May-2015
Visiting Steens Mountain (Eastern Oregon) 12-May-2015
Gunsight Mountain (Eastern Oregon) 07-Jul-2012
Lookout Mountain (Eastern Oregon) 05-Jul-2012
Lower Deschutes River (Eastern Oregon) 23-Jun-2012
Strawberry Mountain (Eastern Oregon) 07-Aug-2010
Mount Bachelor Snow Hike 18-Jun-2010
Gearhart Mountain (Eastern Oregon) 13-Sep-2009

Eagle Cap Wilderness

Three Summits in the Eagle Cap Wilderness 20/23-Jul-2016
Ice Lake (Eagle Cap Wilderness) 8/11-Aug-2013
Cornucopia Peak (Eagle Cap Wilderness) 22-Aug-2010


Five Southern Oregon Hikes: Not the Usual Suspects (May 2018)
Southern Oregon Wildflowers (April 2016)

Applegate Lake ~ Applegate Lake Area

Latgawa Penisula (Applegate Lake) 05-Jun-2018
You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grippe… 28-Jan-2018
Stein Butte (Southern Oregon) 31-Dec-2017
Tallowbox Mountain (Ruch, Oregon) 29-Dec-2017
Hiking the Mule Mountain Loop from Above 19-Nov-2017
Applegate Lake at Full Pool 29-Apr-2017
Charlie Buck to Squaw Peak 28-Apr-2017
Viewpoint Trails (Applegate Lake) 25-Feb-2017
Hiking Squaw Peak in Winter 27-Jan-2017
Trails of the Latgawa Peninsula 26-Jan-2017
Da-Ku-Be-Te-De Trail (Applegate Lake) 16-Jan-2017
Applegate Lake (Southern Oregon) 12-Jan-2017
Stein Butte (Southern Oregon) 31-Dec-2016
Collings Mountain (Applegate Valley) 17-Dec-2016
Witcome-Payette Loop (Applegate Lake) 03-Dec-2016
Payette Trail (Applegate Lake) 29-Nov-2016
Stein Butte Loop (Southern Oregon) 02-Apr-2016
Mule Mountain to Little Grayback Loop (Southern Oregon) 31-Mar-2016
Mule Mountain to Charlie Buck Loop (Southern Oregon) 29-Mar-2016
Stein Butte~New London Loop 24-Oct-2015
Stein Butte (Southern Oregon) 31-Dec-2014

Applegate Valley ~ Ruch Area

To An End of the Jack-Ash! 04-Sep-2018
Hiking the new ART East (Jacksonville, Oregon) 14-Nov-2017
Jack-Ash Trail Loop (Ashland, Oregon) 08-Oct-2017
Sterling Mine Ditch to Grub Gulch 16-Jun-2017
Anderson Butte (Southern Oregon) 21-Dec-2016
Sterling Mine Ditch Loop (Southern Oregon) 12-Apr-2015
Sterling Mine Ditch Trail (Tunnel Ridge) 05-Oct-2013

Applegate Valley ~ Williams Area

Up the Fork Without a Pipe (Williams, Oregon) 10-Mar-2018
Historic Layton Mine Ditch II (Williams, Oregon) 31-Jan-2018
Ferris Gulch Loop (Williams, Oregon) 15-Oct-2017
Elk Creek to Grayback Mountain 29-Jun-2017
Historic Layton Mine Ditch I (Williams, Oregon) 08-Mar-2017
Enchanted Forest Trail (Applegate, Oregon) 26-Dec-2016
Grayback Mountain (Siskiyou Mountains) 18-Aug-2016
Grayback Mountain Trail (Williams, Oregon) 29-Mar-2015

Ashland Area

High on Wagner Butte (Talent, Oregon) 14-May-2018
Lost Creek Falls (Jackson County, Oregon) 14-Apr-2018
Wagner Butte (Rogue Valley, Oregon) 16-Jul-2017
Panther Peak (Ashland, Oregon) 01-Dec-2016
Wagner Butte: Another Rogue Valley Classic 20-Oct-2016
“Ostrich Peak” (Ashland, Oregon) 20-Feb-2016
Mike Uhtoff Trail (Ashland, Oregon) 21-Jan-2016

Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument

Let There Be Smoke! (Hobart Bluff, Oregon) 11-Aug-2018
Surveyor Mountain (Cascade-Siskiyou NM) 22-May-2018
Jenny Creek Falls (Northern California) 24-Apr-2018
Hobart Bluff (Cascade-Siskiyou NM) 14-Jan-2018
Green Springs Mountain (Cascade-Siskiyou NM) 06-Jan-2018
Porcupine Mountain (Cascade-Siskiyou NM) 11-Dec-2017
Henry Mountain (Cascade-Siskiyou NM) 11-Nov-2017
Cowed Again by Point 5648 (Southern Oregon) 01-Oct-2017
Vulture Rock Loop (Southern Oregon) 28-Sep-2017
Parsnip Lakes (Cascade-Siskiyou NM) 09-May-2017
Hobart Bluff (Cascade-Siskiyou NM) 01-Mar-2017
Vulture Rock (Southern Oregon) 10-Nov-2016
Old Baldy on the Dead Indian Plateau 03-Nov-2016
Grizzly Peak: A Rogue Valley Classic 19-Oct-2016
Winter on Grizzly Peak (Ashland, Oregon) 18-Jan-2014

Crater Lake National Park

Timber Crater (Crater Lake National Park) 06-Jul-2018
Discovery Point Snowshoe (Crater Lake NP) 08-May-2017
From Bog to Bald (Crater Lake NP) 05-Jun-2015
Union Peak (Crater Lake NP) 25-May-2015
Crater Peak (Crater Lake National Park) 08-Sep-2012
Union Peak (Crater Lake National Park) 06-Sep-2012

Grants Pass Area

Mountain of the Rogue (Rogue River, OR) 06-Oct-2018
Silver Peak-Hobson Horn Trail (Galice, Oregon) 27-May-2018
London Peak (Wolf Creek, Oregon) 18-May-2018
Cathedral Hills Park (Grants Pass, Oregon) 05-Feb-2017
Bolt Mountain (Grants Pass, Oregon) 07-Dec-2016
Taylor Creek Trail (Southern Oregon) 07-Nov-2016

Illinois Valley Area

Kerby Peak (Oregon) ~ The Old Way 19-May-2018
A Winter’s Trail on Kerby Peak (Selma, Oregon) 12-Mar-2018
Sorry Hike, Nice Flowers (Selma, Oregon) 11-Mar-2018
A Hop to Rabbit Lake (Siskiyous) 18-Jun-2017
Kerby Peak (Siskiyou Mountains) 02-Mar-2017
Kerby Peak (Selma, Oregon) 10-Apr-2016

Jacksonville Area

Jacksonville Forest Park V 02-Sep-2018
Jacksonville Forest Park IV 02-Apr-2018
Jacksonville Forest Park III 08-Mar-2018
Jacksonville Forest Park II 23-Feb-2018
Jacksonville Forest Park I 16-Feb-2018
Jacksonville Woodlands 05-Jul-2017

Kalmiopsis Wilderness

Illinois River Trail (Kalmiopsis Wilderness) 16/17-Apr-2016
Vulcan Lake (Kalmiopsis Wilderness) 19-Apr-2016
Eagle Mountain (Kalmiopsis Wilderness) 14-Jun-2015

Lake of the Woods Area

West Brown Mountain Loop (Southern Oregon) 12-May-2018
South Brown Mountain Shelter (Oregon) 29-Dec-2016
Around Brown Mountain (Oregon) 18-Sep-2016
Robinson Butte Snowshoe (Southern Oregon) 29-Feb-2016
Brown Mountain Snowshoe (Southern Oregon) 08-Feb-2016

Lost Creek Lake Area

Blue Grotto (Lost Creek Lake, Oregon) 02-Feb-2018
Dam You Elk Creek (Oregon)! 09-Apr-2017
Viewpoint Mike Loop (Lost Creek Lake) 24-Jan-2017
North Shore Trail (Lost Creek Lake) 13-May-2016
Blue Grotto (Lost Creek Lake, Oregon) 04-Feb-2016

Medford Area

Buck Rock (Trail, Oregon) 03-Jan-2018
Morning in Prescott Park 31-Oct-2017
Around Roxy Ann on the New Trail 24-Feb-2017
Prescott Park’s New Trail 13-Nov-2016
A Roxy Ann Christmas 25-Dec-2016
Roxy Ann Peak in Winter 15-Jan-2016

Medford Area ~ Table Rocks (Upper & Lower)

Amber Waves on Upper Table 19-Sep-2018
One Day on Upper Table Rock 03-Mar-2018
Upper Lower Table Rock (Southern Oregon) 21-Dec-2017
Inside Upper Table Rock! (Southern Oregon) 14-Dec-2017
Hiking in the Time of Caching (November 2017)
Fall’s Gold on Upper Table Rock (Southern Oregon) 14-Oct-2017
Desecration on Lower Table Rock 14-Jun-2017
The Sun Having Risen on Upper Table 02-Apr-2017
Grass Widows 10-Mar-2017
The Great Storm & Lower Table Rock 05-Jan-2017
Lower Table Rock (Southern Oregon) 10-Dec-2016
Upper Table Rock (Southern Oregon) 27-Nov-2016

Mount Ashland & Siskiyou Crest

Smoked Wheezers (Southern Oregon) 05-Aug-2018
Big Red Mountain (Siskiyou Crest) 13-Jul-2018
Siskiyou Peak (Mt. Ashland, Oregon) 03-Jul-2018
Snowshoes on Mount Ashland! 27-Feb-2018
Split Rock Trail (Ashland, Oregon) 28-Oct-2017
On Top of Old Smokey (Mount Ashland) 30-Aug-2017
Big Heat on Big Red (Siskiyou Crest) 01-Aug-2017
Siskiyou Peak (Mt. Ashland, Oregon) 27-Jun-2017
McDonald Peak Snowshoe 30-Jan-2017
A Day in the Snow (Mount Ashland, Oregon) 16-Dec-2016
Silver Fork Basin Loop (Siskiyou Mountains) 25-Aug-2016
Mount Ashland Meadows 16-Aug-2016
The Siskiyou Loop Road (August 2016)
Observation Peak (Siskiyou Mountains) 18-Jun-2016
Mount Ashland Snowshoe 30-Mar-2016
Grouse Gap Snowshoe (Mount Ashland) 27-Jan-2016

Mount Thielsen Wilderness

Tipsoo Peak on Snow (Mt. Thielsen Wilderness) 06-Jul-2017
Tenas Peak (Mount Thielsen Wilderness) 14-Aug-2016
Cottonwood Creek Falls (Mt. Thielsen Wilderness) 15-Jul-2016
Thielsen Creek Divide (Mt. Thielsen Wilderness) 06-Jul-2016
Climbing Mount Thielsen (August 1998)

Mountain Lakes Wilderness

Crater Mountain (Mountain Lakes Wilderness) 27-Jul-2018
Whiteface Peak (Mountain Lakes Wilderness) 21-Jul-2018
Aspen Butte (Mountain Lakes Wilderness) 26-Aug-2017

Rogue River & Environs

Trails of the Rogue River (October 2018)
Lower Rogue River Trail (Agness, Oregon) 10-Oct-2018
Whisky Creek Cabin (Rogue River Trail) 03-May-2018
Upper South Fork Trail (Sky Lakes Wilderness) 03-Jul-2017
Wild Rogue Loop Backpack 20/22-Jun-2017
Upper Rogue River Trail (#1034) Summary 28-May-2017
Fun with Ticks on the Upper Rogue River 26-May-2017
Mill Creek Falls (Oregon) 12-May-2017
Whisky Creek Cabin (Rogue River Trail) 13-Jan-2017
Upper Rogue River Trail (River Bridge to North Fork Dam) 27-Sep-2016
Upper Rogue River Trail (Hamaker Campground to Foster Creek) 16-Sep-2016
Upper Rogue River Trail (Natural Bridge to River Bridge) 24-Jun-2016
Rafting Oregon’s Rogue River 6/9-Jun-2016
Upper Rogue River Trail (Foster Creek to Big Bend) 07-May-2016
Whisky Creek Cabin (Rogue River) 16-Feb-2016
Rainie Falls (Rogue River) 09-Feb-2016
Rogue River Trail (Southern Oregon) 27/30-Apr-2015
Upper Rogue River Trail (Big Bend to Natural Bridge) 27-Mar-2015
Upper Rogue River Trail (Mazama View Point to Hamaker Meadows) 27-Mar-2015

Rogue-Umpqua Divide Wilderness

Wiley Camp Loop (Rogue-Umpqua Divide Wilderness) 11-Sep-2018
Anderson Camp (Rogue-Umpqua Divide Wilderness) 01-Jun-2018
Highrock Mountain (Rogue-Umpqua Divide) 23-Aug-2016
Golden Stairs Trail (Rogue-Umpqua Divide) 22-Jun-2016
Buck Canyon Loop (Rogue-Umpqua Divide Wilderness) 08-May-2015
Abbott Butte Lookout (Rogue-Umpqua Divide) 20-Feb-2015

Sky Lakes Wilderness

Rogue Wolf Loop (Sky Lakes Wilderness) 14/15-Jun-2018
Maude Mountain (Sky Lakes Wilderness) 29-May-2018
Dwarfed by Fire (Sky Lakes Wilderness) 27-Oct-2017
Devils Peak (Sky Lakes Wilderness) 17-Oct-2017
Climbing to Breathe (Mount McLoughlin) 01-Sep-2017
Stuart Falls (Sky Lakes Wilderness) 11-Jul-2017
Upper South Fork Trail (Sky Lakes Wilderness) 03-Jul-2017
Gardner Peak (Sky Lakes Wilderness) 01-Jul-2017
Summit Shelter (Oregon) Snowshoe 15-Jan-2017
Nannie Creek Loop (Sky Lakes Wilderness) 08-Oct-2016
Nannie Creek (Sky Lakes Wilderness) 03-Jul-2016
Mount McLoughlin (Sky Lakes Wilderness) 19-Jun-2016
Red Lake Loop (Sky Lakes Wilderness) 12-Jun-2016
Judge Waldo Tree (Sky Lakes Wilderness) 22-Jul-2015
Stuart Falls (Sky Lakes Wilderness) 04-May-2015
Mount McLoughlin (Sky Lakes Wilderness) 17-Apr-2015
Mount McLoughlin in a Cloud 14-Sep-2009

Soda Mountain Wilderness

Lone Pine Ridge (Soda Mtn. Wilderness) 07-May-2018
Box O Ranch Loop (Soda Mtn. Wilderness) 26-Apr-2018
“Rhyolite Ridge” (Soda Mtn. Wilderness) 08-Apr-2018
Hiking with Citizen Kane (Soda Mtn. Wilderness) 17-Dec-2017
Piloting to Boccard Point (Soda Mtn. Wilderness) 23-Sep-2017
Boccard Point (Soda Mountain Wilderness) 21-Nov-2016
Slide Ridge (Soda Mtn. Wilderness) 27-Nov-2015
Scotch Creek Loop (Soda Mountain Wilderness) 08-Apr-2016
Lone Pilot Trail (Soda Mtn. Wilderness) 12-Feb-2015
Climbing Pilot Rock (Soda Mtn. Wilderness) 29-Jan-2015
Boccard Point (Soda Mtn. Wilderness) 19-Jan-2015
Soda Mountain (Soda Mtn. Wilderness) 28-May-2014

Umpqua National Forest

Cow Creek Old-Growth (Azalea, Oregon) 30-Mar-2018
Mount Bailey (Umpqua National Forest) 28-May-2015



Goosenest (Klamath National Forest) 07-Oct-2018
The Seven Summits of NorCal (July 2018)
Feather Falls (California) 23-Apr-2017
Mount Shasta Mine Trail (Redding, CA) 16-Apr-2017
Pluto’s Cave & Haystack (Northern California) 12-Dec-2016
Fern Canyon (Prairie Creek Redwoods SP) 30-Sep-2015
Boy Scout Tree (Jedediah Smith Redwoods SP) 29-Sep-2015
Patterson Lake (South Warner Wilderness) 26-Aug-2015

Castle Crags Wilderness

“Sabin’s Point” (Castle Crags Wilderness) 07-Jan-2018
Gray Rock Lake (Castle Crags Wilderness) 30-Jun-2016
Castle Dome (Castle Crags State Park) 14-Aug-2011

Hoover Wilderness

Leavitt Meadow (Hoover Wilderness) 30-Sep-2018
Lundy Canyon (Hoover Wilderness) 29-Sep-2018

John Muir Wilderness

Marie Louise Lakes (John Muir Wilderness) 28-Sep-2018
Echo Col Loop (John Muir Wilderness) 6/12-Aug-2012

Lassen Volcanic National Park

Cinder Cone (Lassen Volcanic NP) 24-Jun-2015
Summit Lakes Loop (Lassen Volcanic NP) 23-Jun-2015
Lassen Peak (Northern California) 22-Jun-2015
Lassen Peak (Northern California) 13-Aug-2011

Lava Beds National Monument

Schonchin Butte (Lava Beds National Monument) 04-May-2018
Hiking the Big Nasty (Lava Beds National Monument) 04-May-2018
Lava Beds National Monument 01-Apr-2016
Whitney Butte (Lava Beds National Monument) 27-Aug-2015

Marble Mountain Wilderness

Box Camp Trail (Marble Mountain Wilderness) 03-Oct-2017
Red Rock Valley Loop (Marble Mtn. Wilderness) 29-Sep-2016
Boulder Peak (Marble Mountain Wilderness) 18-Jul-2016
Campbell Lake (Marble Mtn. Wilderness) 06-Oct-2015
Marble Valley (Marble Mtn. Wilderness) 20-Apr-2015

Red Buttes Wilderness

Elk Lake (Red Buttes Wilderness) 14-Oct-2018
Cook and Green Loop (Red Buttes Wilderness) 28-May-2017
Towhead Lake (Red Buttes Wilderness) 06-Oct-2016
Cook and Green Trail (Siskiyou Mountains) 14-Sep-2016
Red Butte (Red Buttes Wilderness) 01-Jun-2016
Azalea Lake via Steve Fork (Red Buttes Wilderness) 06-Mar-2015
Butte Fork Trail (Red Buttes Wilderness) 24-Jan-2015
Azalea Lake from Fir Glade (Red Buttes Wilderness) 29-May-2014

Russian Wilderness

Russian Lake via the PCT (Russian Wilderness) 07-Jun-2018
Big Blue Lake Loop (Russian Wilderness) 13-Jul-2017
Bingham Lake (Russian Wilderness) 29-Jun-2016

Shasta-Trinity National Forest

China Mountain (Shasta-Trinity National Forest) 26-Sep-2017
One Last Gasp (Mount Eddy) 09-Sep-2017
Mount Eddy (Shasta-Trinity National Forest) 06-Jul-2015
Mount Eddy (Shasta-Trinity National Forest) 16-Aug-2009

Sierra Nevada (California)

Lake Genevieve (Desolation Wilderness) 01-Oct-2018
Mobius Arch Loop (Lone Pine, CA) 27-Sep-2018
Yosemite National Park 16-Apr-2018
Adams Peak (Sierra Nevada) 08-Aug-2016
Mount Elwell (Sierra Nevada) 07-Aug-2016
Sierra Buttes (Sierra Nevada) 06-Aug-2016
Granite Chief (Sierra Nevada) 05-Aug-2016
Mount Rose (Sierra Nevada) 04-Aug-2016
Ramblings in the Sierra Nevada 02-Aug-2016
High Sierra Camp Loop 1/7-Sep-2015
Yosemite & the High Sierra 13/22-Jul-2013
Mount Whitney, East Face (September 1985)

Siskiyou Wilderness

Preston Peak (Siskiyou Wilderness) 9/10-Jul-2018

Trinity Alps Wilderness

Telephone Lake Loop (Trinity Alps Wilderness) 14-Sep-2018
Thompson Peak (Trinity Alps Wilderness) 27/29-Jul-2017
East Boulder Lake Loop (Trinity Alps Wilderness) 22-Sep-2015
Trail Gulch Loop (Trinity Alps Wilderness) 03-Jun-2015
Hodges Cabin (Trinity Alps Wilderness) 17-Aug-2009


Pinnacles National Park (California) 21-Apr-2017
Henry W. Coe State Park (California) 20-Apr-2017
Moore Creek Park (Napa County, CA) 18-Apr-2017
Oat Hill Mine Trail (Calistoga, CA) 17-Apr-2017
Wine, Trails, and 40 Years in Napa Valley 20/24-Sep-2016

Death Valley National Park

Desolation Canyon (Death Valley NP) 26-Sep-2018
Mount Perry (Death Valley NP) 25-Sep-2018
Keane Wonder Mine (Death Valley NP) 24-Sep-2018
Lower Monarch Canyon (Death Valley NP) 15-Feb-2017
Golden Canyon (Death Valley NP) 14-Feb-2017
Ashford Canyon (Death Valley NP) 13-Feb-2017
Willow Canyon (Death Valley NP) 12-Feb-2017
Death Valley Days (February 2017)
Death Valley Days 11/15-Mar-2013
Death Valley Days 1/4-Mar-2011
Death Valley Days 20/24-Feb-2010


Warren Peak (Joshua Tree National Park) 19-Apr-2016
Cave of the Winding Stair ~ Mojave National Preserve (January 1988)


Wasson Peak (Saguaro National Park) 25-Mar-2018
Madera Canyon (Coronado NF, Arizona) 24-Mar-2018
Marshall Gulch (Pusch Ridge Wilderness, Arizona) 23-Mar-2018
Elephant Mountain Trail (Cave Creek, Arizona) 21-Mar-2018
Sunrise Trail (Scottsdale, Arizona) 20-Mar-2018
Ford Canyon Loop (Phoenix, Arizona) 19-Mar-2018
Rafting the Colorado River 18/30-Sep-2014
Grand Canyon~North Rim 12/14-Aug-2014


Great Sand Dunes! (Colorado) 19-May-2017


Biscayne National Park (Florida) 11-Feb-2018
Everglades National Park (Florida) 10-Feb-2018
Dry Tortugas National Park (Florida) 08-Feb-2018
Overseas Highway (Key West, Florida) 06-Feb-2018


Rafting the Main Salmon River 16/21-Aug-2017
Rafting the Middle Fork Salmon River 11/16-Aug-2017


Tettegouche Lakes Loop (Minnesota) 09-Jun-2017
Isle Royale National Park 07-Jun-2017
Superior Gondola Hikes (Minnesota) 06-Jun-2017
Eagle Mountain (Minnesota) 05-June-2017
Knife River Trail (Minnesota) 04-Jun-2017
A Week on the North Shore (Minnesota) 03-Jun-2017


Hyalite Lake (Montana) 21-Aug-2008

Glacier National Park

Farewell to Glacier… (May 2017)
Sperry Chalet (Glacier National Park) 30-Aug-2013
Iceberg Lake (Glacier National Park) 27-Aug-2013
Redgap Pass Trail (Glacier National Park) 26-Aug-2013
Swiftcurrent Pass (Glacier National Park) 25-Aug-2013
Highline Trail (Glacier National Park) 03-Sep-2010
Dawson Pass (Glacier National Park) 02-Sep-2010
Ptarmigan Tunnel (Glacier National Park) 31-Aug-2010
Cracker Lake (Glacier National Park) 30-Aug-2010
Piegan Pass Trail (Glacier National Park) 02-Sep-2009
Grinnell Glacier (Glacier National Park) 31-Aug-2009
Mount Oberlin (Glacier National Park) 31-Aug-2009
Scalplock Lookout (Glacier National Park) 18-Aug-2008


Wheeler Peak (Nevada) 16-Sep-2017
Great Basin National Park (Nevada) 15-Sep-2017
Ruby Mountains Wilderness (Nevada) 13-Sep-2017


Guadalupe Mountain (Rio Grande del Norte NM) 28-Jun-2018
Big Arsenic Springs (Rio Grande del Norte NM) 26-Jun-2018
Williams Lake (Wheeler Peak Wilderness, NM) 25-Jun-2018
Lobo Peak (Columbine-Hondo Wilderness, NM) 24-Jun-2018
Devisadero Peak Loop (Taos, New Mexico) 22-Jun-2018
Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks (New Mexico) 23-May-2017
Santa Fe Trail (New Mexico) 22-May-2017
Bandelier National Monument 21-May-2017


Fortress Rim ~ Palo Duro Canyon (Texas) 17-May-2017
Lighthouse Peak ~ Palo Duro Canyon (Texas) 16-May-2017
Windows Trail (Big Bend National Park) 04-Jul-2014
South Rim Hike (Big Bend National Park) 03-Jul-2014
Lost Mine Trail (Big Bend National Park) 02-Jul-2014
Emory Peak (Big Bend National Park) 01-Jul-2014
Lake Grapevine (Dallas, Texas) 29-Nov-2013


Antelope Island State Park (Utah) 18-Sep-2017
Upper Paria River (Utah) 14/17-Mar-2016
Bryce Canyon National Park (Utah) 15/16-Aug-2014
Fairlyland Loop Trail (Bryce Canyon NP) 17-May-2011
Zion National Park 16/20-May-2011
Naomi Peak (Utah) 24-Aug-2008
Buckskin Gulch & Paria Canyon, Utah (May 1995)
Floating the Green River ~ Canyonlands National Park (June 1992)
South Guardian Angel ~ Zion National Park (July 1991)
Virgin River Narrows ~ Zion National Park (July 1991)


Shriner Peak (Mount Rainier National Park) 17-Jul-2013
Mount Saint Helens (Washington) 21-Apr-2013


By Train

Around the U.S. by Train #4: Sunset Limited (March 2017)
Around the U.S. by Train #3: Crescent (March 2017)
Around the U.S. by Train #2: Capitol Limited (March 2017)
Around the U.S. by Train #1: Southwest Chief (March 2017)
Around the U.S. by Train: Overview (March 2017)

By Car

U.S. Route 20 Across America: End (October 2016)
U.S. Route 20 Across America: 7/8 (October 2016)
U.S. Route 20 Across America: 5/6 (October 2016)
U.S. Route 20 Across America: 3/4 (October 2016)
U.S. Route 20 Across America: 1/2 (October 2016)
U.S. Route 20 Across America: Start (October 2016)


Rafting the Tatshenshini and Alsek Rivers (End) 13/25-Aug-2018
Rafting the Tatshenshini and Alsek Rivers (Days 7-8) 13/25-Aug-2018
Rafting the Tatshenshini and Alsek Rivers (Days 4-6) 13/25-Aug-2018
Rafting the Tatshenshini and Alsek Rivers (Day 3) 13/25-Aug-2018
Rafting the Tatshenshini and Alsek Rivers (Days 1-2) 13/25-Aug-2018
Rafting the Tatshenshini and Alsek Rivers (Overview) 13/25-Aug-2018
El Picacho del Diablo ~ Mexico (May 1999)
Three Peaks in Peru (July 1986)
Adventures in Bolivia (June 1985)
Two Mexican Volcanoes (December 1983)
A WW2 Escape from France (June 1940)


Bombus on Grasses 11-Jun-2018
Mountains (August 2017)
Natural Shapes (July 2017)
Southwest (June 2017)
Beaded Waters (May 2017)
“An inordinate fondness…” (May 2017)
Rock the Waters (April 2017)
“Consider the lilies…” (April 2017)
Falling Waters (March 2017)
Seasons in the Gorge (March 2017)
Western Water & Light (March 2017)
Big Blue Sky (February 2017)
Winter at Herman Creek (January 2017)